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What Happen To US

by: Guildford Windley

What Happen To Us
Where oh where did we go
How did we change so
There was time
We reach for the stars
There was a time
Fought for a cause
Where oh where did we go
There were times we stood for justice
Yes we had our dark side
Genocides and slavery
But I thought
We had grown
It is hard to see the truth
We are feed so much crap
America the land of the just
Is a lie
Power and greed rule
As rich people drink
Of the sweat
Of people who labor
Yet they don’t get far
Our children grow up and are sent off to war
We profit, not
But the rich do
Industrial machine fabricate wars
Wealth in far off lands there to be taken
In return, we leave the lands destroyed
With people whose lives are in ruin
Refugees in search of a future
Now day
Home of the brave
Its golden beauty
Tarnish by hate
Walls are required, so they say
To keep the brown people away
In prison camps children torn from the families
Never to see them again
A deterrent they say
As border thugs of homeland
Torture and rape
Uncaring corrupt
Washington power
Only serve the needs
That feeds the money that they so desire
Where did we go?
From hero to coward
We were looked up to as a nation, now we are just a joke, but no one’s laughing
They the power keeps blinders on us
With distractions and hate
While all around us people are dying
Random shooters and killers
Cops killing black who have done nothing at all
We put people in jail to fill bed that we paid for to keep rich people who ran the jail profitable
It matters not if they innocent or guilty; for black people, its price that they pay to keep a system of corruption going
America the beautiful so I been told, but we have lost our soul
Guildford H Windley
February 9, 2019

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