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Tears from My Eyes

by: Guildford Windley

Tears from My Eyes
Tears from my eyes
Flow down my cheek
The pain runs so deep
My hurt is real since I feel
I look into the mirror
I’m no longer there
Who is this person that I see
Why am I so different?
The color of my skin, the true gender within
You just don’t fit in
For they see things the way they want
To control what you are, to keep you at bay
To hold down someone different than them
To keep what privileges, and wealth that they have achieved
If your color is not white, if your gender is not male
You don’t count; you’re here to serve their purpose
Religion, government, and business
Keep you down, for their purpose
To the rich and powerful, your mere pawns
If your gay or transgender or a lesbian
If you’re of a color other than white
To them with all the power, you do not matter
The hate that they create, is used on the masses
My heart and souls aches, for I see in the mirror
The souls of all my brothers and sisters
I’m one with the people of all colors
I’m one with my sisters
I’m one with my brothers
I’m one with all Gay, Lesbians and my sister and Brothers Transgenders
Freedom will come when the people see
That all souls were meant to be free
My tears will be gone and a smile on my face
When I look into the mirror and see that we are all one
A world where we can be who we were meant to be
Free of fear and hate
Where the truth can be heard
That truth is: that love and understanding bring people together and the world is better
That hate will divisiveness will only destroy all of us
Guildford H Windley
February 7, 2019

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Quelly (@guest_1838)
2 years ago


Quelly (@guest_1869)
2 years ago

Sorry took me so long to respond. Life has a way of sneaking up and at times taking over. I appreciate your kind words. Samantha is a wonderful person who also has inspired me to write. I do have to say, your words are beautiful when you write. Have a wonderful day!!

Noble Member
2 years ago



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