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Where is Isabel

Where is Isabel

by: Guildford Windley

Where is Isabel
Where is Isabel, where did she go?
Where is that girl with a beautiful smile?
Maria, you spoke so eloquently in defense of yourself and others
You came to this country with the hope of living and of giving
You were invited here to help find a cure for a disease that’s very rare
You were one of a few people that were guinea pigs in search of a cure
It’s been some years now, oh how you have grown
A bright-eyed beauty with a smile that could melt any old heart
A woman of great strength and courage
One who does not look back?
A highly educated woman you have become
But the dreams that you have just to simply live
Now must be denied, seem you and other people of color, are abusing the system
Let’s be very clear about all of this
There are people in this country that just love to hate
Although not one cent needed to save you and others come from their pocket
That does not matter they want you gone and could care less if death is all you get for what you and others give of yourself
Now maybe had you cross their hands with gold, stayed in someone hotel
Well maybe then they would not harass you
But no they want you to leave cause of the color of your skin
Their leader pontificates and sways their little brains
Build a wall he claims to keep out very bad people, killers, rapist and drug dealers
But it was never about them, it was about hate for all people of color
Also, kickbacks for walls never built may have happened, who knows
Isabel, where have you gone
The Country that says its morals are above the rest
Is sentencing you to death!
Guildford H Windley
September 14, 2019

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