“The way to develop decisiveness is to start right where you are, with the very next question you face.”
-Napoleon Hill

We all have to make them several times a day. Some are made without a second’s hesitation. Others require a lot of calculations.

I’m talking about decisions. How do we go about making them? Do we sometimes think too much about some and not enough about others?

Sometimes the answers to those questions can be quite ambiguous depending on the context of the situation.

I’ve previously written about the philosophies of the heart and mind and how they can often be at opposite ends. I would like to believe that today’s quote by Napoleon Hill, the author of the bestselling book Think and Grow Rich, takes my belief a step further.

When faced in a conflict, you should ask yourself that if I do this now, what will be the next step? Will that next step be more difficult or easier if I take another route than the one I’m thinking off?

In a way, it can be termed as thinking about the long-run but perhaps that’s over simplifying it. It might be open to interpretation but personally, I think Hill’s quote is more than just about long-term planning. I feel it’s more about aligning your decision with more than one goal. In short, being able to spread that decision to as many aspects of life as possible.

For example, if I have to make a decision halfway through college about changing my major, I don’t just think about who my area of interest will serve me in the future. I also think about how it will affect other goals of mine. If I’m planning to move somewhere, I have to ask myself if my area of interest present enough opportunities where I want to move.

But sometimes, thinking so far ahead is not easy. And hence you have Hill’s quote, which doesn’t ask you to think that far ahead but rather, just the next step. If you’re planning to climb a mountain, Hill’s philosophy can help you climb the first few steps; push you in the right direction.

And that’s important because when it comes to making decisions, there can’t be just one method to the madness for everyone.

How do you feel about Hill’s quote and its basic application in life? Do your decision-making strategies vary depending on the situation? Or do you have just one strategy for all of them? Share your thoughts and experiences by commenting below.

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