What is having abundance in our lives mean?  It is another way of having a surplus of resources to be prepared in life for any situation.

Before we go any further, let us take a look at the meaning of abundance in our Webster Dictionary.

Webster Dictionary Definition of abundance-1.  a very large sum of something   2.  plentifulness of the good things in life;  prosperity

Daily Wisdom Word Definition-1.  The multiplication of things or happenings based on the law of attraction.

Have you ever noticed when something good happens to you, it seems to attract other good things right after it?  Have you ever noticed when something bad happens, it seems to set off a chain of events of other bad things?  This is known as the “laws of attraction” and abundance is part of that.

How can we make the laws of attraction work in our favor as far as abundance goes?  There are three ways we can encourage the universe turning in our favor.

  1.  Visualize what we want.  see it, say it and hear it.  When you wake up first thing in the morning, visualize exactly what you need an abundance of and how you will achieve it within  your mind
  2. Write in down on a piece of paper in a format as if you already have achieved it.   These little sayings are known as affirmations.  They really do work.  Does that mean that overnight if I write I have a pile of money in my wallet this will be true in the morning?  No, probably not.  However, by writing it over and over again we will find ourselves headed down the path we need to be on to obtain what w want
  3. See it, literally. Post pictures on mirrors in your house of what it is you have affirmed.  Post index cards with your affirmations written on them and it is also very helpful to pray.

Abundance is a wonderful things as long as it is something we actually need.  I have given you three powerful suggestions how to create abundance in your life.  Before judging them, try out these suggestions with an open mind.  You may find they work.  This may not be on your time frame but it will be on the timeframe God works on and that is always the best one.

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Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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