What is adversity?  How do we handle adversity when it touches our lives?  Let us take a look at the definition of adversity in our Webster Dictionary to start off with.

Adversity-1.  difficulties;  misfortune

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of Adversity-1.  The trying, difficult times we deal with periodically throughout our lifetime.

Adversity is difficult to handle in our lives, but believe it or not, we can make it harder to cope with.  We can also make diversity more manageable by the attitude with which we choose to deal with it.  Being a positive person all around, can make diversity easier to cope with.

How do we deal with adversity and manage it?  The first thing we can do, is learn to strengthen our capability skills.

This is something we have very little control over, but we do have control with how we manage them.  We can learn through our mistakes.  Learning from our mistakes allows us to take accountability for our part in adversity and manage it.  Many of the adversities in life we have no control over.  We can certainly however, remain positive throughout these ordeals.

Our coping mechanisms are developed by how well we manage them at the time they happen.

In many cases with adversity and disasters in our lives, when we get no advance notice, what we can do is prepare ourselves by knowing that we will have them to begin with.  Life is full of good and bad and ups and downs, and knowing this alone, can make us stronger to deal with our adversities.

Have you ever heard the saying, expect the worst, but be grateful when things turn out as well as can be expected?  I have a very close girlfriend who has a son with a serious heart condition.  She is amazing with the way she copes with adversities and challenges associated with this, and is a wonderful mother and inspiration.  I wish I could say that was true for me, but I tend to get frazzled during difficult times, making them harder.

From what I have observed and learned from her, she does not overreact at the first sign of adversity and always looks for the best possible outcome with these situations.  This is step one in dealing with adversity.  She was told when her son was born, that he could die from his illness, or that he could live a long healthy life as well.  This is a wide spectrum to cope with, and she didn’t have the expected help from his father to deal and cope with the situation.

She reached out to agencies, and certain support groups that made her realize acceptance was the next step in coping with this adversity . She also used her faith to cope with the situation and dealing with the issues associated with it made her stronger and better able to manage it.

Third, although she leaned on her support network from others that were happy to help, she took responsibility of the problem itself.  This made her realize she could cope with this adversity with her son, one step at a time, and one day at a time.

Fourth, she educated herself about her son’s condition.  As they say, knowledge is power so she became as educated as possible about his condition without becoming a doctor herself.

Fifth, she realized her strengths, one being that she was a teacher.  She decided to homeschool her son, which gave her control as to the pace and routine to best help and educate her son.

What adversities will we all have to deal with in our own lives?  How will we decide to best cope with them and the challenges they bring forth in our lives?  My friend is a wonderful example of what we can do to obtain as much control over the situation,as possible, and have faith in the part of this terrible disease that we cannot control but manage instead.

Thanks so much for reading about adversity today.  May this article bring you peace, happiness and better coping skills when dealing with adversity.

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Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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Mar'Kata Rhaimes (@guest_2229)
2 years ago

Thank you Samantha for sharing about adversity. I was going through some shaky situation back in 2016 when this very small poem came into my mind months after I’d survived it:
“No matter the depth of the gruesome scars,
No matter the aching bruises;
We can never really know what ways God uses
To eventually turn weak miserable failures into some of life’s most celebrated stars!”
-Mar’Kata Rhaimes (Kampala – Uganda, July/04/2016)

Muzie (@muzie)
2 years ago

Shards of Broken Glass
So the tumbler fell down and shattered
Cause and effect maybe, karma, bad joss
Perhaps by want, possibly by mistake
Sending it spiraling down, down, down…
Touches the ground, breaks into the silence
Sparkling the ground with slivers
Drawing out gasps, in-drawn breaths
Screams of terror, dismayed expressions
What to do now, o broken heart,
Broken home, broken life?
Pick up the pieces, join them together
Create a mosaic, begin again
Recreate, renew, life deserves another go
A chance to rise from the ashes, stronger
Ready to fly like the mysterious phoenix.

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