Why do some people feel apathy for life rather than enthusiasm?  There are many reasons people may feel apathetic towards life.  Some of these reasons are:  Depression, being hurt or abused emotionally, mental illness, medications, and other less common reasons.  In this article, we will explore apathy in further depth.  Before going any further, let us take a look at the Webster Definition of apathy and daily wisdom words definition.  

Webster Dictionary Meaning of Apathy-1.  Lack of interest, concern, enthusiasm or interest

Daily Wisdom Words Definition of Apathy-Feeling nothing with feelings other than disinterest.  

Apathy can occur in individuals for several reasons, and some of these are temporary.  I can share with you when I have temporarily felt apathy which is when I feel depressed. Many people go through depression.  The next question is, how often, and how much do they feel depressed?  Is it chronic or part of their everyday lives, or situational depression?  

With  depression that is situational, apathy is temporary.  When the depressed person is clinically depressed, they are usually prescribed antidepressants to see if the chemical depression removes apathy.  According to an article published in a recent edition of “Psychology Today”, the causes of apathy are the following:    https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/evolution-the-self/201604/the-curse-apathy-sources-and-solutions/

Apathy is frustrating at best, and most people call it laziness.  However, it is found in most individuals that apathy has some underlying cause.  We have discussed depression, but lets take a look at the following underlying issues of apathy not mentioned.

Do you smoke marijuana?  According to  some studies, a lack of motivation has been documented with frequent users showing a direct correlation between smoking marijuana everyday.  Especially, this is true for teenager’s who’s brasin is not fully developed.  

Parkinson’s Disease has also shown patients experience a serious lack of apathy.  Apathy for me, is personal for me.  With depression as a cause, and me suffering with it, depression can cause me to feel completely unmotivated.  It is not because of  laziness either.  Since apathy has been described as the “feeling of not feeling”, you simply feel a lack of motivation.  You do however, feel sad and lonely as well.  

According to other articles I looked over to write, we must fight apathy at all costs.  Apathy will simply cause you to be unproductive, and that is not a recipe we want to keep in our kitchen.   Apathy will simply causes us to waste our precious time on this planet. Life is too short to feel apathy often and we CAN fight it, but must be prepared for the fight of our lives.  

Thanks so much for reading about apathy today.  Have you experienced apathy?  If so, what was the cause for you? I would really like to hear what others experiences have been with apathy.  After you’ve finished reading about apathy, please scroll down to the bottom of this post and leave a quote, or comment about apathy and the role it has/has not played in your life in the “join the discussion box.  I appreciate hearing from you.  

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Thanks so much for reading about apathy.  Samantha Leboeuf/DWW






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Yasir Sulaiman (@mynameisyasir)
1 year ago

There was a time in life (not so long ago) when I felt I had lost everything. I had no job, no education and not a single penny to feed my ageing parents and elderly yet strong-willed grandmother. All who had studied with me or had worked with me were flying high. But me…I was in state that even would leave beggars embarrassed. I started get violent for any small thing and used to have nightmares all the time. Hated everything and everyone. Tried whatever I could to further damage my life. Let me make something clear. I have some… Read more »

Samantha Leboeuf (@guest_3215)
1 year ago
Reply to  Yasir Sulaiman

Thanks so much for sharing, Yasir… I am so glad things are better for you now…I appreciate your comments always, and was touched you shared with us. We now have a new webpage called “Wise Advice”. This page is for members only. It allows you to set an appointment with myself or Neel, our Wisdomology Host. We are not licensed Counselors, however both of us have some training, and are Mental Health advocates.. Simply go to our website at dailywisdomwords.com/wise-advice.. Feel free to reach out if you have a need to talk about anything. Samantha

Yasir Sulaiman (@mynameisyasir)
1 year ago

sure Samantha

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