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We are going to use the Daily Wisdom Word, “assumptions” today to analyze.  My first thought about assumptions is they are dangerous.  Assumptions lead to conclusions.  For example, it is easy to make assumptions about others.  I have falsely “assumed” many things that were not accurate about another person myself.  In fact, assumptions lead us to opinions.  When we make an assessment or assumption about another based on our opinion alone. This can lead to missed opportunities not only with things but with estimations we assume about ourselves and our own abilities.  Before going any further, we will take a look at the actual definition of assumptions from the Webster Dictionary and the Daily Wisdom Words Definition.

Webster Definition of assumptions-1.  A thing that is accepted as certain to happen, without proof.  2.  The action of taking or beginning to take power or responsibility.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of Assumptions-1.  Making an assessment that could be true or false about a situation, or person.

Assumptions regarding others can be reflected around mutual family or friends by your actions.  Assumptions lead to opinions.  Opinions lead to conclusions.  Conclusions about who a person may be decide how we treat them, good or bad.   I have had this happen in the following example.

I became close friends rather quickly with someone who was charismatic and although bossy, I lover looked in.  In a period of less than a year, she had cost me a true friend, money, much of my time with her issues, and on top of it, I was going through my little sister’s oral cancer having my own issues.  She would get on the phone, and not even ask about her but dive into her issues.  I would not hear from her for months at a time, and then, if she had issues, the phone would ring or I would get a text.  I spent four hours on the phone with Apple getting her a brand new phone to replace her existing one which only worked on speaker and she openly discussed her issues in front of her daughter.  This happened to involve her daughter’s father painting him in a negative light.  I felt bad for her daughter and spent the time to get her phone replaced.  She lived out of state and it was waiting for her at a mall ten minutes from her home.  She had a month to pick it up.  She NEVER even picked up the phone.  I mentioned to her that I saw on FB that she seemed to have the time to call her other “close friends” often.  This led her to accuse me of reading her open posts stalking her!!!  I was supposed to be her best friend.  She even had the audacity to tell me she would be blocking me and told me she had already begun trashing me on Instagram.  I put a quick stop to that reminding her of how much I knew about the truth in who she had shown herself to be.  I made assumptions quickly about her.  This lead to an opinion of her and skewed my judgment.  The following are some tips on how to avoid assumptions.

1.  Avoid making judgments about others, especially when meeting them.  Keep an open mind, but do not make any assumptions without evidence, proof or good reason.

2.  Assumptions is a long version of the word, ASSUME.  when we assume, we jump to conclusions.  Conclusions from assumptions can lead to false opinions.  

3.  Never “assume” when hearing an opinion from someone else, it is always true, even when you know the person sharing this opinion with you.  Their opinion can be based on a false perspective.  

Thanks so much for reading about assumptions today.  Remember the story I shared with you above.  Assumptions lead to opinions/conclusions.  Avoid both without evidence or proof.  Have a beautiful, blessed day.  Samantha Leboeuf/DWW


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