Have you tested yourself to find out what is the full “capacity” of your being?

I was out running today, and had to get up at five am to do so, and for me, that’s early.

However, I know that by challenging myself daily, I am using a part of the capacity God gave me.  How many of us challenge ourselves?

Its so very easy to fall into a “rut” and do what is comfortable for us.  I can tell when a habit
pattern which has started, like being a couch potato all day, in front of a television, that I am not using my mind, challenging my soul, or even touching on my full capacity God gave me as an individual.

In life, daily, it is easy to get caught up in what is comfortable.  However, what is “comfortable”, is not always what is best.  

Life is and should be a challenge.  God made it that way, so at the end of the road, we HAVE gained wisdom.  Without challenge, and us using our talents, and skills, and gaining NEW talents and skills, we are not following what is best for us.

The human soul thrives on growing.  We were made that way…to grow. 

Many years back, a friend of mine always said this to me:  “Samantha, when your “green” your growing..When your “ripe”, your rotten.”   Yes, this was a rough way to get his point across, but he had already learned what I am learning now.  We must take/make ourselves go to the highest place of potential within our “capacity”.

Remember this as well with whom you choose to surround yourself with.  They should challenge your growth as well, as challenging theirs.

We are, what we surround our reality with.  Be a leader, not a follower, and lead for yourself.

Take up a new hobby.  Learn something NEW everyday.  Challenge yourself.  Follow your dreams, and remember this:  for your dreams to become a part of your reality, all you have to do is challenge yourself to the full capacity of who you are. 

I promise, by incorporating new things into your life such as reading new information, meditation, exercise, praying, affirmations, etc., you will turn your reality into all the dreams you strive for.   SL

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