What is charisma?  Charisma is a form of human chemistry or appeal a person has that is powerful.  Most of the definition of this kind of human chemistry is non-verbal and invisible.  This kind of charisma is the basis for special relationships and if you happen to be a bystander looking at this picture, you can tell something is different between two people who have chemistry.  Chemistry has a sort f magical quality about it, especially when it is sexual or mental in nature. Chemistry looks and feels a lot like love on speed.  Before going any further, lets talk a look at the meaning of chemistry in the Webster Dictionary.

Webster Definition of Chemistry-The compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others.  2.  a divinely conferred power or talent.  

Dictionary meaning of chemistry between two people.  all             

My son just got engaged.  There is a mutual charisma and chemistry between them.  They started off with a natural attraction towards one another.  Both of them feel this with one another, and you can feel,  like you feel something you know is there, but you can’t see it physically. The charisma is partly magic and has a scientific basis for its definition. We have what are called pheromones ( our own fragrance), and if these pheromones appeal to another person, then it is far more likely an attraction will form between you and this person.  Another thing that happens, is you find yourself interested If you have ever been an innocence of this charisma between them, you would notice that it is not just sexual.  The truth is that these two genuinely have things in common expanding this chemistry from just sexual to psychological and can be the basis for a new relationship to start on.  Most relationships are not as fortunate as this one.  

This is the magic we rarely get a chance to share with another in life, and I could not be happier towards them.  My daughter married someone with more of an overall package.  Its only fair to mention, however that sterling and his fiancé  have this as well.  My daughter and son-in-law.  I adore him as well.  

How important do you feel charisma and chemistry are in a relationship for life?  If you had a choice between companionship and chemistry, what would you choose?  My sister has been married a few times.  She has an ideal relationship.  The sexual part of the relationship is there as well for her and her husband.  I think that it is important to have both.  All relationships are different, however, and some work off of one or the other.  


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