How is coldness reflected in individuals who lack warmth?  These individuals often have pain and hurt within so they have developed outer hard shells reflected as cold and aloof.  We may judge people prematurely and it is easy to do so with the outer facade they reveal.  Some individuals are just “cold”.  Life has dealt them a raw deal and they are often bitter and angry.  There are many reasons why individuals are cold.  The reason I chose this word is I met a stranger the other day who seemed cold and aloof.  I was ready to dismiss this individual and be aloof myself.  However, the truth was I wasn’t looking close enough and prejudged this person too soon.  

I decided it was worth taking a few extra minutes and a little more effort to try harder.  The situation was worth it, and I was glad I made an additional effort.  It turned out that she was very nice.  She was simply having a bad day.  Her husband and her had miscommunicated, and she understood he was taking their two young children to school.  She ended up taking them to school, but due to the delay, both had children missed their home room.  She mentioned that this had happened more than once and was actually concerned about their marriage.  It amazed me that she and I exchanged phone numbers.  She was very nice and simply was having a bad day wearing the weight of personal issues on her face.  

My point is often we do misjudge others and their character by deciding who they are based on our initial impression.  This doesn’t apply to all individuals, but does apply more often than not.  I worked in New Home Sales for over 20 years and over the six months following their initial purchase would get to know them quite well.  It often surprised me I was wrong about my initial assessment judging who they were as a couple.  In all actuality, the signing of a contract is stressful, especially when it is a new home and a first purchase.  It is easy to be mislead by our initial impression.  We are not always right when we do this.  Let us take a look at the Webster Definition that applies to the daily wisdom word and my definition. 

Webster Definition of Coldness-The lack of warmth and affection.  

Daily Wisdom Word definition of coldness-a condition that can be a personality trait or lack of kindness and warmth.  

There are times when individuals are actually cold.  They are not social individuals and don’t wish to engage with others.  They are sometimes just loners who prefer to be left alone.  I think I have clearly explained what coldness truly is in an individual, and often reading someone and passing judgement on them too soon may lose us an opportunity to meet someone who is amazing.  Thanks so much for reading about coldness today.  

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Shirley Satterfield (@shirleymandelsatterfield)
5 months ago

A very good article by a very good woman.

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