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Why are compliments so important?  Let us first take a look at the meaning of compliments in our Webster Dictionary and see how they are defined.

Compliment-1. a polite expression of praise or congratulations.  2.  An act or circumstance that implies praise or respect.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of compliment-1.  A kind word to another that makes them feel good about themselves about a particular quality you notice about them you admire.

Compliments are very important.  Praise given to others for a job well done is something that makes another person feel good.  Compliments need to be sincere.  They should be something you notice about another person that comes out as a natural communicated expression from you to them.  In today’s world, not enough compliments are given.

When raising children, it is especially important to use praise and compliments when parenting them.  It is far better to notice the positive things your children are doing verses the negative things.  Children respond much better to compliments than they do to negative criticism.  There is a difference between negative criticism and positive criticism.

Positive criticism is prefaced with a complement.  For example, saying to a child, “you do this so well”, which leads me to believe you can do even xyz better” is a much more productive way to parent.  Parenting using constructive criticism is twice as more likely to get results than negative criticism.

We as adults need compliments too.  It is always wonderful to hear, “we look nice” or we “do something well”.  However, we can also tell an insincere compliment from a sincere one so if your going to extend a compliment to another person, make sure you mean it.  Compliments can be so productive in our marriages as well.

Just because your married to someone or in a relationship, does not mean you stop giving compliments.  Just as a compliment is a positive foundation to raise your child with, it is also a positive way to refresh a relationship and let the other party know you don’t take them for granted.  Think about this today.

Beneath this article, is a place where it offers you a chance to “join the discussion”.  I would really appreciate any comments you have with your experience on compliments; ie., how they make you feel when you give them or get them.  A poem or a quote about compliments left in the “join the discussion” area beneath this post is appreciated as well.

Thanks so much for reading about compliments today.  Have a beautiful and blessed day!

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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