Have you ever been the victim of deception? What exactly does deception mean?

Let us first take a look at the meaning of deception in our Webster Dictionary-1. deceitfulness; duplicity, the art of being deceitful.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition-1. The art of trickery and duplicity.

Being the victim of deception does not feel good. Deception is described as an “art”. That is because it is usually a planned action taken on the deceivers part. There is thought and planning as a part of it which is why being deceived never is received well from the one who undergoes it. I will share my story of deceit, and let you know one last thing: in order to be a “victim”, you must give permission to the victimizer to be victimized.

I allowed someone I cared for very much to deceive me who I was in a relationship with. He lied to me three weeks into the relationship, which is when I should have ended the relationship, but did not. That is why I call myself a victim. As the relationship went on, I went through periods of deceitful behavior on his behalf but I always chose to forgive him. This was my choice, as I was vulnerable at the time, and felt I had to settle for that kind of treatment.

I believe deception is planned. The reason I say that is because in order fo someone to deceive another, they have to think about what lie it is that they are going to tell the other party to get away with the deceit. After they are done deceiving you, they have to plan how they are going to keep whatever it is they have done, hidden from us. This takes planning and motivation on their behalf to get away with it.

This man was extremely crafty. Although I say, “I chose to be a victim” never judge another until you walk in their shoes. It is possible you may have believed him to, as he was a master at deceit.

In fact, my favorite word for him was “duplicity” which is a synonym of deception. Think about your relationships today and your past ones. I want to hear stories in our poems of hurt and deceitful behavior. I write on these daily wisdom words to learn from, and what I would like us to reflect on, is how much we have grown if this is a past relationship, or how much we need to grow, if this is a present one.

Deception is always a clever action on behalf of the deceiver. Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated from this kind of person more than once if ever at all. I am a firm believer that everyone makes mistakes and they are allowed one with me as their mistake. I view the second mistake now, as mine. I at this point go from victim to having to take ownership for the behavior I have “decided” to accept.

Please submit poems on this website about deception today. This is our daily wisdom word and this website can now take your submissions. You should also be able to post them on twitter from this website and if not, please post them on twitter. Remember: We retain NO COPYRIGHT PRIVILEGES with your material, and you can feel comfortable knowing that posting on this site. I can also comment on your responses now, and you may comment on each other’s work. Thanks so much for reading about deception with me today.

I look forward to your submissions.

Samantha Leboeuf
Daily Wisdom Words

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