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Have you ever experienced Deja’ Vu?  Have you ever been to a place that seems familiar to you, but you know you’ve never been there before?  Have you ever met someone you have felt you’ve known all of your life yet you just met them?  If you have felt either of these things, you’ve experienced Deja’ Vu.  Deja’ Vu isn’t uncommon.  Most of us have felt it at some point or another.  There are many people that believe Deja’Vu is really coming from an experience we have actually had.  They believe that we have many different lives, and although the person may not have experienced Deja’Vu in this lifetime, they have been another person in another life who has experienced this real memory from another life.  Before going any further, we will take a look at the meaning of Deja’vu from our Webster Dictionary and the Daily Wisdom Word meaning.  

Webster Definition of Deja’ Vu-1.  The strange sensation or feeling of having experienced in the past. a current situation, even in cases where we have not.

Daily Wisdom Words Definition-Life in the present time, recalling from the past. experiencing a current situation when we have not in this lifetime.  

Deja’ Vu is frustrating, as you feel as if you’ve been in this situation, and in fact, are certain.  However, when trying to recall when you experienced this, and details surrounding experiencing it, you can’t provide them.  This is why many people believe Deja’ Vu is a memory from a past life.  What I am referring to when I mention a past life, is another time or era that you lived in another lifetime, and you find there is a backstory your able to provide.  However, this backstory is not from your current lifetime.  This is how many people eventually begin believing that the feeling of Deja’ Vu is from a past-life.  These individuals know they haven’t had this experience in their current lifetime, so they are forced to believe in an altered explanation that many people find far-fetched at best.  

The phrase, Deja’ Vu is french and traces back centuries.  Thanks so much for reading about Deja Vu today.  I would love to hear some comments about this post.  I appreciate stories that relate to the daily wisdom words, poems, even quotes about the word chosen.  

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