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What is desperation and when do we feel it the most?  First, let us take a look at the meaning of desperation in our Webster Dictionary.

Webster Dictionary Meaning of Desperation-1.  a state of despair, typically one which results in rash or extreme behavior

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning of Desperation-1.  a feeling of hopelessness that causes us to make decisions that may result in bad ones.

I know the feeling of despair.  I remember when I first became disabled.  It took almost a year to get disability approved for my illness and no money was coming in except monthly loans from my brother.  He was getting very frustrated having to give money each and every month to help me out, so I was faced with the consequences of selling/losing my home of 21 years.

I honestly did not know what to do, so I began to panic!  I bought boxes from the nearest UPS Store and began packing up the study prematurely.  It turns out, my brother, who was in the oil and gas business had some good luck with drilling a well, so he no longer had a problem helping me financially.  I had already packed up half the house.  I wish I could tell you this story ends with me keeping the home, but that was not the case.

Due to the new fear of financial distress hitting again, I went ahead and sold my home and downsized.  I operated out of desperation.  I felt panicked  with every decision I was making, and hoped against hope that it would all work out.  Rather than have faith that it would, I went for the negative option thinking I was on the verge of losing my hope and operated out of desperation.

Desperation is a scary thing, because it can cause us to make rash decisions prematurely.  it also activates the fight/flight syndrome within us which is our warning system, and this causes us not to use our logic when making these decisions.

When you find yourself in desperation mode, stop and think about what other options you may have and try to think outside the box.  There may be more logical and practical ways of solving your problem.

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Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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Active Member
NEEL TRIVEDI (@neelt2001)
2 years ago

I love the idea of stopping & thinking before doing anything irrational our of desperation. Here’s a poem I wrote on that subject.


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