What does dualism mean inside us?  How does it play a role in our personalities?  Let us first take a look at the Webster Definition of dualism.

Dualism:  1.  The division of something conceptually into two opposed contrasts or aspects, or the state of being so divided.  2.  A theory or system of thought that regards a domain or reality in t3ers of two independent principles, especially mind and matter.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of duality-1.  Two sides within us of opposing contrast or force and two different ways of thinking independently

Dualism exists within some of us.  Your usually dual in your thinking if you can understand and comprehend two different lines of thinking and find supporting evidence as to why these opposing lines of thinking could be true.  Dualism can sometimes bring conflict on within us.

I know for me, dualism exists with things like abortion.  I struggle with two lines of thinking.  I personally couldn’t go through with abortion, but I still believe in a women’s right to choose because I can see both sides of the picture.   I also can see even though it isn’t something I would choose to do, there are reasons women feel they need to go through one.

Dualism creates conflict sometimes within our lines of thinking.  We may be able to see both sides of the future so clearly that we ourselves struggle with what we actually believe in . Duality is two opposing viewpoints and that can create havoc and conflict within us.  Dualism does exist however at some point in our lives for both of us.

Another popular situation we usually can have dualism with is the death penalty.  We may say we do not believe in the death penalty, but we see some form of heinous crime and truly feel that person should be put to death for what they have done.  Dualism can be confusing at best, and the one type of person that tends to suffer with it is one that is open minded.  However, your a wonderful person to get advice from, because no matter what the issue, you can see both sides of the argument.

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Thanks so much,

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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Samantha Leboeuf (@guest_2041)
2 years ago

Thanks Yasir for your comment!!

Yasir Sulaiman (@mynameisyasir)
2 years ago

Now I have a “dual mind” if I should leave a review or not? 🙂 Very interesting post, Ms.  Samantha Leboeuf-founder/daily wisdom words, LLC I hadn’t thought about it from that perspective.

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