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What does exhilaration mean?  We all have a good idea of what exhilaration means but let us take a look at the meaning of exhilaration in our Webster Dictionary:

Exhilaration-1.  a feeling of excitement, happiness or elation.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of Exhilaration-1.  an abundance of joy, exuberation, and happiness.  Another form of elation

Exhilaration is a wonderful feeling and definitely one of our “wonderful daily wisdom words.”  Exhilaration is the feeling one gets when jumping into a wonderful cold swimming pool when they are burning up outside due to the heat.  Exhilaration happens to us when we climb a mountain and finally reach its peak at sunrise.  Exhilaration is enjoying the beauty of something we played a role in creating.  It is fun to think of exhilaration when you think of a vacation your planning and how high of a plateau you will be on being off from work for a certain period of time and know you will get to do anything you like, and what your going to choose to do is filled with a certain amount of excitement. 

Exhilaration can be as small as looking at the cup half full instead of half empty.  We can be exhilarated when our senses are heightened in some way, especially a natural high.  Exhilaration is the feeling you get in the morning when you know it’s chilly outside, and your going to go on a walk and feel the touch of the breeze tingling against your skin.  These are all great examples of how to create exhilaration, and if it feels this wonderful, why don’t we do it more often?  I think subconsciously we know that if we experienced it on a day to day basis, it would not be quite as exhilarating.

Exhilaration is partly exhilaration because it takes something from us to achieve it.  We have to be prepared to give something of ourselves to get to the peak of exhilaration and we can reach it, but only with much effort on our behalf.  Exhilaration from a physical standpoint produces an abundance of endorphins in our brain, which is what tells our body we are exhilarated to begin with.  You don’t have to be a genius to recognize exhilaration.  It is a feeling, no matter how infrequent we experience, we know we are experiencing it when it hits us.

Thank you so much for reading about exhilaration with me today.  Do me a favor, and create favorable circumstances for yourself to feel exhilaration.  After all, it is us who creates the circumstances that lead up to that feeling of exhilaration.

Thank you for reading daily wisdom words today and may your day be blessed with beauty and yes, a bit of exhilaration!

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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