What does felicity mean?  Let us take a look at the meaning of felicity in the Webster Dictionary.

Felicity-1.  intense happiness

Daily Wisdom Word definition-1.  the feeling of euphoria when you have reached a high that exceeds all other good things in your life.

Felicity is something we don’t experience every day.  We should treasure it and know that it is a blessing we received that we were not expecting.

I think the best example for felicity in my book is when I give to others and see the happiness on their faces and the joy in their heart.  I just sent a gift to a friend, moreso for myself then him.  He doesn’t realize it, but it brings me much more joy than him.  I feel giving to another person gives us the feelings of elation and felicity.

I have also felt intense happiness and felicity when I have fallen in love with someone.  I have found when this has happened for me in the past, an extra skip in my step.  A feeling of euphoria.  Felicity is also the meaning for elation and falling in love can bring us extreme elation.

It is not just “falling in love” that can bring us the feeling of felicity.  It is loving anyone.  Love brings so much joy and happiness no matter which side your on;  giving or receiving.  It is so important especially this time of year to share with others the love you feel for another person.

Our hearts are bigger than we think and felicity is found from the joy in our hearts.  Felicity can also be felt when you give birth to your children, if you have had this blessing.  There is nothing like seeing the miracle of life for the first time, when your the one seeing this new life for the very first time.

My wish for all of you is that you get to experience this feeling as often as you can in this life because life goes by so fast, so we should not  take for granted the feeling of felicity when we experience it.

Thank you so much for reading daily wisdom words today.  I get the feeling of felicity in hoping my words have the power to stir up emotions within you.  You are the best thing felicity can be at this point in my life, so thank you so much for reading.

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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