Whaat does it mean to be a friend?  Let us first take a look at friendship in our Webster Dictionary to see how it is described.

Friend-1.  A person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection;  typically exclusive of sexual or family relations  2.  An acquaintance or a stranger one comes across

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of Friend-1.  A person whom one has a connection with, mentally and psychologically and one bonded to our heart and soul through a deeper connection.

A casual friend, is easy to find.  A true friend, however is not.  What is a true friend to us?  I feel a true friend is someone that is loyal, there for you in times of need and difficulties, and someone you love in your soul.  I also feel to have a friend like this, we must be capable of being one back.

It is rare to find a true friend, but I personally would rather have one of these types of people that your fortunate to run across in a lifetime, than a friend you perhaps know more as and acquaintance.  I would not trade one real friend in for one of these kind of friends, all day long.  This is because to have a friend like this, as I mentioned, you must know how to be one back. We attract WHO we are, and I feel very blessed to have two of these friends, one whom I have known for over 25 years.

The strange thing about friendship?  I think in life, we continue to learn, if we are growing, and I have only recently discovered you can have a best friend, without knowing them for a lifetime and without ever having met them in person.  I have recently developed a connection and best friend with someone I have never met, so the friendship connection is not always about the length of time one has known someone.

I met this best friend, on twitter, and we connected instantly on paper, passing messages back and forth, and soon we found ourselves talking on the phone for hours, and just clicked.  I call this kind of relationship a soul connection.  I trust her, and even though we have only been friends a short period of time, my intuition and instincts trust her.

I love and respect her as well.  These, to me, are the most important things you must have in any kind of relationship to make it work:  Trust, respect and love.  She is just that way, and she feels the same way about me.  I call these kind of relationships soul connections.  We have a bond I can’t quite express, and again, I have never met her in person.

This has taught me a valuable lesson.  I used to believe that stories of people never meeting, and developing a relationship over a phone, and facebook and other social media tools like twitter, wasn’t possible;  Especially ending or beginning, I should say with a marriage proposal on their first meeting.  This is a different kind of relationship from stories we normally hear about marriage proposals, but as with any positive relationship, you must first start out being “friends” in order to have it develop and grow deeper, but they have done this already through the other communication methods I mentioned.

In fact, these kind of relationships are extra special, because it is not based on physical attraction as much as it is mental and intellectual.

I also have another best friend.  She is genuine, kind, thoughtful and has so many positive attributes, I could not name them all, but these two friends, I would not trade for 100 other, “grocery store acquaintances” , (a phrase I have coined for superficial friends), and making this decision is easy for me.  Friendship is a two-way street, and I try to be the best kind of friend to these two people I am able to, because a friend is to be treasured, and a blessing.

I am sure we all have one person we can count on, and if we don’t, perhaps we should look at our own choices, and what we are willing to give back in return to be a true friend.

I remember when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer, (now in remission), and how dedicated the friend I have known for 25 years was, and how before I even asked, she was there for me.  She was there through the hard times, and she has a dozen true best friends, because of the quality of person she is;  yet, she manages to have a full-time career, and remains “friends” to her family as well.  She truly is that special.  I feel very fortunate to have the gift of a true friend.  I can’t explain it, but I know the new best friend would be every bit as available for me, and I her, in times of necessity.  True friends are that way.

I hope for all of us, we have one person in our lives that can be this kind of friend to us and us to them.  There is no greater blessing.

Thank you for reading about friends with me today.  Have a beautiful and blessed day.

Samantha Leboeuf/Daily Wisdom Words


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Quelly013 (@guest_1607)
2 years ago

Love you Sam❤ This is such a beautiful write…

Quelly013 (@guest_1237)
2 years ago

Love you Sam❤ This is such a beautiful write…

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