How does the proper guidance play a role in our lives?  Why do we, no matter how confident we are, sometimes need guidance?  Good Guidance is a must in life, if your the one seeking it or giving it.  If your “seeking” good guidance, it is a a sign to me that your strong, and humble, and know you may need some help with a particular issue.  If you “give” good guidance, this also means something positive, and indicates you are a person of wisdom. 

Before we go any further, let us take a look at the Webster Dictionary meaning of “Guidance”.

Guidance-Advice or information aimed at resolving a problem or difficulty, especially as given by someone of authority. 

Daily Wisdom Words Meaning of Guidance-Advice that can lead you down the proper path you have previously been searching for on your own.  

To be able to give good guidance to another person is a “gift”.  What exactly is good guidance?  Good guidance is defined partly, to me, as giving the right information at the right time.  Good Guidance sometimes, however be about good listening.  Good Guidance from a professional, also gets my gold star, because they have training in this. 

As you may know, Neel Trivedi, (Wisdomology) and myself, are starting an “Advice Page”.  The funny thing about an advice page, on a community website, is you actually need to seek advice when your wanting to give it, if your not licensed as a Counselor, Psychologist, or Psychiatrist.  

Neel and I are aware we are none of these things.  I have done so many personal studies on areas of medication, depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, Paranoid Schizophrenia disorders, that I truly believe, along with the college courses I did take, and all of my sales training, that I will be able to provide some good value to this idea of ours.  Neel and I, however found out that in order for us to give advice, because we are not licensed, we should only give it to those individuals that are within our daily wisdom words communities.  I think I would pay $10 to join a community if alone, all it had was an abundance of good advice and good guidance.  

We cannot wait until next week, when we get started, and start getting all the bugs worked out with our new “Wise Advice Page”, and start helping our members, to see how effective it will be and how much good we can do.  

I mentioned, up top, that a person looking for good advice or guidance who is “seeking wise advice” should be admired for doing their best to get help.  I also mentioned that a person “giving good advice” should have a strong ability to listen.  Let’s face it:  Good advice and guidance is not being preached at.  It can also simply being a good, proactive listener.  For example, I will use myself.  If I need advice, sometimes I can work it out by talking through it with someone who cares enough to truly listen.  Neel and I hope to be all of these things for you.  

We are so excited to begin giving our members some “wise advice” and to listen to their troubles and know that we are really helping them.  We look forward to the individuals that will be bold enough to get some f their advice publicly.  Part of this is because when people read about another’s struggles, sometimes it gives them enough strength to go forward and get good guidance and advice for themselves.  

There will be no additional fees of any kind, except for your $10 membership fee, to take advantage of Neel and mines wise advice.  Our biggest hope is that we can succeed in giving you the right guidance and right advice an individual needs, and are really looking forward to bring forth any help you might need in the future.  Thanks so much for reading about guidance today, and how it will apply to daily wisdom words, a poetry and writing website.  By the way, we will be offering help with poetry and literature and writing along with this, so if you are needing advice about those things, we are available and ready.  What we don’t know, we will do our best to provide after researching the problem.  Have a great day, Samantha 


Samantha Leboeuf/DWW



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