What is a horizon?  This post will show why we should focus on the positive when things are at their worst.  There is always a new horizon around the corner, if we are willing to turn that corner.  Let’s face it.  It is the holiday season, and during it, suicide rates skyrocket astronomically.  This is because many people are alone during the holidays, and there is a sentimental mood to everything.  With Christmas music, Baking with family, and family traditions, along with Jesus Christ’s Birthday, there is a lot to feel happy or sad about depending on where your at in life.  However, when we are alone, it makes it much more difficult to enjoy these things, and most of us don’t partake in them alone.  Before we go any further with horizons, let’s take a look at their meaning in our Webster Dictionary.  

Horizons-1.  Range of perception or experience.

Daily Wisdom Words Definition-1.  Our perception of the future, which we can choose.  We can be hopeful, or dread it, but there will certainly be change.

When we feel lonely and sad, it is difficult to think of anything past that moment.  Sometimes, I will get depressed, and don’t believe in a future, although logically I know there is one.  I seem to be set on my current depression, and it is hard to see any new horizon for me.  My daughter and I will have had a falling out, and this will radically affect my mood.  A new horizon or dawn seems impossible to believe in.  However, with every valley there is a peak and that peak is a new horizon.

The holidays with their financial burden alone, can be scary.  Many of us think, including myself, that gifts are part of Christmas and it is a time for giving.  People on a positive note tend to pick up on the holiday spirit, and this in itself, helps them to find hope in new horizons.  We must realize that hope and change are a part of life, just as sadness and hopelessness are.  There is always a silver and even gold lining to cloudy days.  Let’s not forget the lovely rainbow after it storms.  This is life, as well.  

Thanks so much for reading about our daily wisdom word, horizons, and may your perception be far enough in the future to always remember times may be tough now, but happiness can be waiting in a new horizon.  

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

other daily wisdom words that may interest you:  https://dailywisdomwords.com/rainbows/

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