Trust me, I don’t know how to paint it draw like this. The least I can do is draw a pencil or anything basic. That is the main reason I appreciate art anytime i see it.

The art you see was made by @reeniereid1. Give it up for my friend Reenie!

If you’re joining for the very first time, this is DWW PICTURE POETRY. What we do here is purely creativity in it’s highest peak. And this is how we achieve it:

-See the picture above

-Compose a poem inspired by picture with words in title

-Share with us via comment box below


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Michelle (@michelle)
7 months ago

Casual encounter
of sweet company
hug in adored
visionings of passion
giddy heart beats
blush delighting
small treats of
romantic scents.

Shirley Satterfield (@shirleymandelsatterfield)
9 months ago

Oh how I love this picture, Monday.
Could view Tuesday though Sunday too.
Reminds me of my Danny dear,
I love him through and through.
To love a special someone
Is often a once in a lifetime chance.
And never ever will I spurn
That level of Romance.
I will always hug my special company
As my life by love is especially enhanced.

Reenie (@guest_7224)
9 months ago

Warm arms
Open heart
Things we
Long for
To be held
Tight by
The one
We love
Is everything
Especially those
Times we’re
So when
They return
We act
Like lovebirds
We all
Want that

Michelle (@michelle)
9 months ago

We hold pain of the
brokenness of smiles
in impulsive hugs
the grasp of certainty
healing and nurturing in
warmth of company
hearts awaken
we hold vigil the dazzling
hope of reconciliation
rousing with emotions .

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