This article will be about illusions and how we process them in our mind.  There are various types of illusions including optical or visual illusions, temporal illusions, tactile illusions and auditory illusions.  Unlike hallucinations which have no external stimuli feeding them, there is always external stimuli fooling the mind and senses.  An illusion is a distortion of our senses, which can reveal how the human brain normally organizes and interprets sensory stimulation.  

Before going any further, let us take a look at the definition of illusions in our Webster Dictionary and the daily wisdom word definition of illusions.  

Illusions-1.  a thing that is or is likely to b e wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses. 2. a deceptive appearance or impression.  3.  a false idea or belief.  

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of illusions-Illusions are sensory based appearances that we find deceptive between the information our brain tells us verses the truth behind the illusions.

What I find fascinating about illusions, is they are not based on one’s intelligence and not just one person perceives an illusion for what it looks like rather than what is, but many people do.  Let’s discuss some different types of illusions and why they work with humans causing a distorted sense of perception.  

Visual illusions are the most common type of illusion and best known and understood.  The emphasis on visual illusions occurs because vision often dominates the other senses.  This is why they trick us so easily.  The emphasis on visual illusions occurs because vision often dominates other senses.  An example I found in Wikipedia for visual illusions is when a ventriloquist is watched by us we perceive the voice coming from the dummy since they are able to see the dummy mouth at work.  

There is a particular illusion known as the McGurk Effect.  This illusion interests me because it is not only a visual illusion, auditory illusion cross-model illusion but a speech illusion as well.  With this illusion there is a picture of three of the very same men who look the exact same.  However, when you watch the video of this illusion, you will believe they are speaking in different voices:  reality?  they are speaking in the same voice.  The illusion is the stimuli of how the mouth is forming the words, making us believe we are hearing three different things.  It was thought as one time, the senses worked independently from one another.  Now, the latest research shows they work together making illusions both visual and optical or optical and auditory.  Please visit to gain knowledge of the McGurk Effect by watching the video of the illusion itself.  

There is one type of illusion called the Tactile illusion which is less common than the ones mentioned above.  It involve the sense of touch.  Some tactile illusions require physical touch where others can be evoked passively.  

There is simply too much information on various illusions and actual illusions displayed for you to try simply by visiting the website above and  I hope this article will open your mind into looking into them.  It truly is fascinating information we can all learn from. 

Thanks for reading today!  

Samantha Leboeuf


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