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WE ALL HAVE FLAWS AND MOST OF US ARE HYPERSENSITIVE TO THE ONES WE HAVE OR THINK WE HAVE.  I say this because of vanity and different ways this affects us through the pandemic affecting us world-wide.  There is a lot less vanity and and a lot more caring about what really matters;  Our internal flaws that we choose to accept or work on improving like being selfish or disrespectful or impolite.  We need to dig deep into our compassion, sympathy and empathy.  We need to find a way to focus on the things that really matter in our lives whether that be God, our children, and our health.  Our own imperfection causes our ego to contend with our heart and pride which is dangerous.  

We all have imperfections.  We all are challenged in some way.  However, I want to look at the imperfections in our world.  How do these two work together?  When we have imperfections, sometimes we need support.  We need unity.  The world is still in the year 2020, filled with imperfection.  There are people that are prejudiced.  There are those who are still racist, those who are physically challenged.  There are those who are prejudiced against disabled individuals when they pass judgement on them. These imperfections are a part of our world and with this kind of imperfection, more flaws than ever, in humanity nothing good can come from it.  There are Those who are poor and those who judge the poor.  It does seem we have lost our empathy, sympathy and compassion for others.  We have also lost respect for others not willing to wear a mask to protect others and themselves to prove a baseless point.  It is sad to say the least.  

What is sad is when we let our personal imperfections project onto others.  This spreads as quickly as our pandemic is.  Maybe even quicker.  I am sad to see this kind of imperfection and I as a human being have many imperfections.  The ones I know I can work on are the ones such as judging others occasionally without meaning to.  In this world today, we need to practice active thought processing and be very vigilant.  Respect others because of their imperfections, not “in spite of”.  There is a huge difference.  

thanks so much for reading, and as always a comment or poem beneath this post is very much appreciated even if that means we disagree on issues.  We all need to agree to disagree.  God bless the world and those of us in it.  Please sign up for our writing community at dailywisdomwords.com.  There is an initial fee of $10 to join helping support the website and fellow writers.  Thank you, Samantha LeBoeuf


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