What is infinity?  How does it play a role in everything we do? Let us first take a look at the meaning of infinity in our Webster Dictionary.

Infinity-1.  The state or quality of being infinite 2. a point in space or time that seems infinitely distant . 3.  A number greater that any assignable quantity or countable number.

Daily Wisdom Word definition of infinity-1.  An indefinite quantity of anything, including love, trust, and respect.

Infinity is what I use to describe a wise daily wisdom word because it is the circle that circles back over and over again without breaking.  There are few things in life that are as countless as infinity, and love is one of them.  I think of my deep friendship I have with my bfm which stands for best friend, man, and bfw, best friend woman, and my best friend, that lives near me.  There is nothing I would not do for them, that I was capable of doing, and the love I feel for them is infinite.

Infinity never ends.  We may expire tomorrow, but the love we have for others, including our family lives on.  Our soul, and essence of it, lives on forever.  This is what makes infinity such a powerful daily wisdom word because the meaning of the word is forever.

Friendship, if it is a true friendship, is infinite.   It’s bond can be just as strong as family and blood.   There is never an end to the respect, love and trust within it, and there are never deadlines or timeframes by which these relationships end.  If I died tomorrow, my friendship would remain with my bfm, bfw, and the love I feel for my family and children.  I may go in physical spirit, but the friendship and love, remains forever.  The memories we shared remain forever and the positive energy left behind from those memories.

Truth, is also a part of this beautiful daily wisdom word, and truth, in the realest meaning of the word can mean only one thing.  That whatever is true, always will be.  Respect is infinite if it is true respect.  It will always be there for us to enjoy, long after that person is physically gone, because this respect and love lives on without the physical being of another

Infinity is a beautiful daily wisdom word.  Today, I want you to think about the positive things in your world that you have, including love, realism and trust and respect.  If we really, and truly trust someone, this is always infinite;  never-ending, and infinity brings hope.  Enjoy today’s daily wisdom word, and when you think of infinity, draw the number 8 in your head, because when we write this number, there is never a break in the loops and that is true of very few things in this world.

Thank you for reading about infinity today and may the world be yours, filled with blessings and hope.

Samantha leboeuf/DWW

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