How can ingenuity enhance your life if it’s a personal skill you have?  Let us take a look at the meaning of ingenuity in our Webster Dictionary:

Ingenuity-1.  the quality of being clever, original and inventive.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of Ingenuity-1.  Original with skill, grace and personality.  The ability to be clever

Ingenuity is a part of our personalities we all have but some of us don’t tap into it. the person who I am closest with who has the most ingenuity is my partner and closest friend, Jay.  He can be up against a situation that seems impossible, and make lemonade out of lemons everytime.

He can be up against a situation with seemingly no way out, and come up with an avenue of thinking that appears to make no sense to the average person, but when he goes to utilize his way of thinking, it works and creates a successful outcome where a successful outcome doesn’t seem possible.

He can also take a bad situation and make the best possible outcome out of it.  Have you ever seen a cat chase its tail?  Jay is the cat that actually does end up catching it.

He has managed to make a success out of any job he has ever had using creativity and ingenuity and since most of his jobs have been in sales, these are especially great qualities to have.  He would tell you I am very creative and ingenuity comes naturally to me.  This is a quality we both have in common and it helps our relationship because what most people wouldn’t understand about Jay at first glance with the way he thinks, I understand perfectly.

Ingenuity is something we can develop within ourselves by developing the right side of our brain, or creative, intuitive side of the brain.  Ingenuity can be the one quality you can have and develop that will make you stand out from others.  We don’t have to be brain surgeons to see where having ingenuity can be a skill we can always use.

Have a blessed and beautiful day.

Samantha LeBoeuf


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