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JOY 8/6/18

What does joy mean and what role does it play in our lives?  Joy is a emotion that cannot quite be cloned.   Let us take a look at the meaning of joy in the Webster Dictionary–A feeling of great pleasure and happiness.  2.  Rejoice

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning:  1.  A feeling of exceptional happiness and joy elevated to a point of happiness.  2.  a deep internal feeling that creates happiness within oneself.

All feelings that are related to happiness are related to joy.  Joy is a feeling of elation.  Joy is the extreme feeling of happiness.  Joy is also the feeling of elation that comes along with life.

The best example I can give of joy, is the feeling I had when my first child was born.  There was never such a feeling of love, elation, excitement and elevation.  The 3 E’s.  Elation, excitement and elevation best describe joy.  Joy is an emotion above others.  Joy is an emotion that shows all that you have truly reached contentment.  Joy is a rare feeling for most people.  They do not experience such an exalted feeling and happiness such as watching a grand child be delivered.

Joy is a rare emotion.  Joy is rare because it takes all the other emotions, IE., happiness, elation, and contentment to experience joy.  Joy is a rare emotion also because it takes a combination of emotions to feel it.  Joy is also rare from the standpoint that it takes a set of circumstances that are rare to it around.  Joy Is rare from the standpoint that it is not a common emotion.  It is much deeper than happiness.

The happiness one feels, happens often.  There is not the presence of the three E’s-Emotion, elation an elevation of mood.  Happiness is common.  Joy is not.  Joy is felt, around weddings, births, and other situations that are rare in occurrence.

Thank you so much for reading about joy today.  Joy is a rare emotion for most, and an unexperienced emotion in some.  True joy comes from the heart.  True joy is something that is inspired by aa higher power in my opinion, and shown only when a rare occasion happens.

Thank you for reading about Daily Wisdom Words today.  Have a beautiful and blessed day.


Samantha LeBoeuf                                                                                                                                                           Daily Wisdom Words                                                                                                                                                       dailywisdomwords.com

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