What is lethargy and what does it mean?  Let us first take a look at the meaning of lethargy in our Webster Dictionary.

Lethargy-1.  A lack of energy and enthusiasm

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning-1.  The polar opposite of enthusiasm, Lethargy is caused by being depressed and sitting around too much.

Have you ever experienced lethargy?  I have, and know that it is usually caused by not moving around enough and sometimes being depressed.  Lethargy can cause some of the following symptoms:  decreased alertness, decreased ability to think, fatigue, low energy, and sluggishness.

I have experienced lethargy when I have been sleeping too much or am depressed.  It feels like I have brain fog.  Lethargy can cause all of the symptoms above, but what causes it?  I know in the past for me, it has been caused when I feel indifferent about life.  I know right now I am going through a stage of lethargy.  I don’t feel like working out, and I don’t feel like doing things with others, and want to sleep.

This is caused by the very things I don’t want to do;  Not exercising and being around people and sleeping too much.  Depression is the underlying cause of lethargy generally and right now I am going through a state of depression.

How can we fix feeling lethargy?  Well first off, we have to make a decision to fight it.  This includes exercising and socializing.  This also may include talking to a professional Psychologist to help you deal with lethargy.  It is not a good feeling and is sometimes also brought on by grief.  When we are grieving over someone our tendency is to want to escape, meaning we sleep a lot and don’t have a lot of motivation.

Lethargy needs to be dealt with and we need to fight it.  The things that can cause lethargy of some kind can be as simple as poor sleep hygiene, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety disorder, sleep apnea, depression as mentioned above, so rather than see a Psychologist, it can be as simple as losing weight, reducing fatigue, reducing stress, eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of fluids.

Thank you so much for reading about lethargy today, and have a beautiful and blessed day.

Samantha LeBoeuf/Daily Wisdom Words

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