We all know what a lie is, even children.  I would like to focus on the lies we tell ourselves.  The lies in life we tell ourselves  are usually stemming from fear.  I have recently realized I have been lying to myself out of fear, and fear is where lying to ourselves starts.  Sometimes, we are just too scared to face the truth that fear is running the show.  Rather than face the truth ourselves, we even blame others and outside influences as a part of the lies we tell ourselves.  Before going any further, let’s take a look at the Webster Dictionary Meaning of Lies. 

WEBSTER MEANING OF LIES:  1.  an intentionally false statement.  2.  used with reference to a situation involving deception or founded on a mistaken impression.

DAILY WISDOM WORD DEFINITION:  1.  Justifications unintentionally or intentionally we tell others or ourselves

Lies are only part of the problem.  We have justifications we use, before lies.  I have only realized recently, that I have been lying to yourself.  I broke my leg four months ago.  I then came down with Cellulitis of the skin.  I would not wear the brace due to a previous medical condition for fear the disease would spread. At present,  I find myself feeling anxious to get home if out, and avoiding going anywhere unless absolutely necessary.  

Read the previous paragraph one more time:  at this point, I am healed enough physically, and there is no reason I should not be getting out of my home.  I know I am staying home most of  it is easy to cover over the cold, hard truth with justifications, or blaming others for issues in general that are close to me.

I have often wondered what an epiphany would feel like or if I have rhw omi. I had what most people would call a revelation or epiphany.  Denial is also a great word associated with lies.  Often times, the lies we tell ourselves are the most harmful.  We have incredible excuses with legitimacy behind them, but if you get down to the bottom of what this is, I am coming up with justifications, to mask the real issue because of fear.  

Sadly, when we lie to ourselves, there are others that get hurt.  Like a cigarettes effect from second hand smoke to others.indirectly.  My son ironically just broke his leg.  I should have gone over to see him as soon as I was physically able.  Yet, I find myself creating justifications, and now it’s time for me to take steps to fix this issue of fear of going out, and driving.  

I also have gained weight due to inactivity. I feel uncomfortable with this and my clothes not fitting.  Behind this, is shame and vanity.  I think you’re probably able to see now what I mean about lies we tell ourselves and  how they affect us and others. 

Ironically, I am honest for the most part with others, but if you look behind this, like peeling off layers of an onion, I find if I believe what I am saying, and it is not true, (misrepresentation), this of course when expressed to others is the lie you have told yourself.  

It is not easy to write this, and know that others will be aware of my issues, but I vowed when I started writing daily wisdom words, I would be as honest as I could about my problems in hopes you will share yours.  

What is the solution?  The solution begins with the first step of admitting to yourself the truth.  Once you have this clarity, start taking steps towards your truth.  

As you know, myself and Neel have recently began offering counseling to our members as part of Daily Wisdom Words.  I hope this will encourage you to take advantage of that extra ear to listen, after being forthright about a problem I am having.  I want all of our members to take advantage of this counseling.  Neel’s advice is amazing, and I can speak for both of us when I say you will not be judged in any regard, and also have options for communication, by email or phone, as well as options for privacy.  We will not share anything with others unless you want us to.  We can post your response or issue publicly and let other members chime in with their encouragement and advice. 

I am so proud of Daily Wisdom Words, and what we stand for.  Everyone who is part of the team are so kind, open and wise.  Remember:  The more mistakes, the more wisdom granted provided you took accountability for your mistake.  Membership is $10  and there is so much that goes into this.  You will have your own portfolio webpage to design adding pictures, emojis, links to your latest book, book reviews, picture poetry, Shirley’s Saturday tribute to wise poets, present and past.  This website is a huge resource of support, options and any writers paradise.  Ten dollars for all of the above, and for the literary/writing community?  join today, or check out our website first by going to dailywisdomwords.com.

Thanks so much for reading..Samantha Leboeuf, DWW




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Laurel Griffin (@laurel)
1 year ago

No Lessons Learned? 25 years together All the lies you told me They were countless Yet, Not as many As the ones I told myself You’d make fun of me And I’d discount it You’d criticize me And, I’d look the other way I had always said “If you can’t be honest With other people At least be honest with yourself” Sage advice I’d give to other people I did not heed my own words I didn’t even know I was in denial Not a clue I feel so foolish I am filled with shame What was I doing? You… Read more »

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