Today, is basically all about @michelle. She is celebrating her birthday today. I’d like everyone to celebrate her for all she has done and will still do in this amazing writing community. Wish her a happy birthday with a poem on DWW PICTURE POETRY

-See the picture

-Compose a poem inspired by the picture with words in title

-Share with us

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@Tetrametracall1 (@verde_mar)
8 months ago

You’ve touched our souls
gorgeous eyes
your happy writes with us
recall a beautiful world.

We measure love within
holding yours close
these words candle you
fireflies taking you home.

I’ve known you only moments
such delight we’ve shared
your words captive
mine a hug for your day.

Michelle (@michelle)
8 months ago

I roam the
arcaded streets
under the
august sun
tucked in the groove
of a heart beat
loved ones i miss
friends i cherish
a birthday cheer
caress a tear
reminiscing moments
of sweet reprise. https://t.co/xMZ5IIghCb

Samantha Leboeuf (@guest_8245)
8 months ago

Happy Birthday (belated). Michelle! We love you!!!

Michelle (@michelle)
8 months ago

Thank you sweet sam..big hug🤗💛🌞🌻

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