What does modality mean and how do we apply its concept? Let us take a look at the meaning of modality in our Webster Dictionary:

Modality-Modal Quality  2.  A particular mode in which something exists or is experienced or expressed.  3.  A particular method or procedure . 4.  A particular form or sensory perception.  5.  in syntactic and semantic analysis, a term chiefly used to refer to the way in which the meaning of a sentence or clause may be modified through the use of a modal verb, such as may, can, will or must. in a wider sense, the term is used to cover linguistic expression of the concepts other than through the modal auxiliaries.

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning:  1.  The feeling one has to express something in more detail.  The method to the madness

Modality is used in sentences to be more descriptive with what we are thinking.  It is very important for writers to know the meaning of modality.  It adds a more elaborate description to any sentence.  It can create a sense of urgency in a sentence or paragraph.  It is also used to describe sensory perception.

To fully understand modality, you must break the word into two words:  Modal Quality.  Modal quality in writing is a particular mode which something exists or is experienced or expressed.  This is what makes Modality such an important daily wisdom word for writers, because you are a much better writer, when you can describe not only the meaning of something, but also how it made you feel when experiencing it.  Modality is also another word for modify.  In syntactic analysis, it is a term used mainly to describe the way a modal verb can change the meaning of a sentence and how a sentence or clause may be modified through using this modal verb.  In writing this is critical to know what this means to express your character’s feelings in the most explicit way p0ssible and how to modify that, if it is part of what the character is going to need to express themselves.

Modality means many things and can also mean the attitude of a speaker or writer towards the world.  Thank you so much for reading about modality today.  Have a beautiful and blessed day.

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW


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