With the speed of light and how fast my hands can run through the keyboard and the thoughts behind muse and muse, I present to you Daily Wisdom Words Picture Prompt. Click HERE to see previous prompts as well as beautiful poems from various poets in this platform. Like I said, I am definitely trying to beat the time but my eyes just caught something… It is already 3:55PM (GMT). Beating time is really not possible with this pace of mine.

Okay poets, a big welcome to you. The words we get to focus on is muse and moon. From what you already see, you may have gotten a glimpse of what the picture is meant for. What do you think about the picture? I want to know. Reenie wants to know! I spoke with her yesterday and she said it is for sale. Isn’t that good news? So, if you need this art that picture’s her muse, the moon, click HERE to send her a direct message on Twitter.

My name is Abuh Monday Eneojo. I will be your host. The words are muse and moon. What is your muse?

  • Listen to song.
  • Compose a poem inspired by pictures with words in title.
  • Share with us.


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pd_adams (@guest_9327)
30 days ago

Muse Tides

I never trusted you
You did startle me
to tend your journey
of Broken Hearted Sea

We never do reach home shore
collecting only more of these
Helm Wheels you store

Navigate by sky?
Waterman I?

Surely this boat has won
Rising moons tides far flung


Reenie (@guest_9325)
30 days ago

As i paint you My blank canvas I reach for the purple You are my favorite color I am painting by my window I look at the moon and Decide it will be my muse The fascination i have With the universe is Brand new. The sky a perfect hue Painting you makes Me feel happiness I hope this painting Does for you too 💜 I’m sorry Abuh but this is the only one not for sale! You see our dear Robert is now the proud 🤷‍♀️ owner of it. When i showed it to him he wanted it. So… Read more »

CurvyRedGurl (@guest_9323)
30 days ago

What is my muse you ask why it’s you. When you are not looking out I am looking right at you listening to the longing in your shoulders the tense way you clench your fist the wanting to be seen not to be a side dish. I see the way your throat tenses when they stroll by how you long to sing and long to cry I see the way your hair curls how it bounces and for a moment you are my whole world. I see you in the morning sun and under the moon I see the strength… Read more »

Reenie (@guest_9326)
30 days ago
Reply to  CurvyRedGurl

This is amazing 👏👏👏👏💜

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