Picture Credit: Lee Zimmerman


I saw this picture of two lovers with face mask and it made me wonder if there’s any possibility of exacting love in times filled with watch words such as distance, face mask etc.

So far so good, the pandemic has succeeded in distancing many from their loved ones. Health agencies as well as the government of the world say we should avoid crowds, wash our hands, and use face masks.

They ask us to do this so we can protect ourselves and others. So I ask, in a time like this, where is the place of love? Can it survive the piercing tentacles of Covid-19?

Let’s talk about it.

– See picture

– Compose a poem inspired by picture with words in title

– Share with us



Abuh Monday Eneojo
Abuh Monday Eneojo is a poet and author of three books. You can check out his books on Amazon.
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10 months ago

#Facts & Figures

The fact of
the matter is
I like your #figure

Your broader appeal
deep down to the wire
I feel your fire

Facts & figures
your #comedy view
#Mask so tight I turn blue
Been figuring with you

What joy we taste
Configure two
Data into


10 months ago

Our poetry finds us
beautiful eyes holding hands
across vast pandemic sighs
such is our dear delight.

Sharing passionate dances
our words love to waltz
enrapturing happy
as we fall into delight.

Will you share your song
no matter where our
pillows dwell
nightfall’s frolic invites.

Anneke Cronander
10 months ago

Keeping at text reach.
I know my angles better
Snapping shots for you.
Seeing your sly looks
On the screen in my palm
Flushes warm my cheeks.
And I miss the graze
Of your fingers
And the warmth of your breath
On my neck.
States between us.
I wait for the next text.

10 months ago

Gorgeous write; the longing emotions drip like tears onto our own.

10 months ago

Broken in discontent
pandemic spent
oh yea gentle love
seeks comfort where
promises are kind
in memories combined
say no more
but a few words
what lingers
are whispers
denied kisses
masked with wishes
special notes
of bedewed lips
a caress her
heart speaks.

10 months ago
Reply to  Michelle

A poetic sigh full of promises of tomorrow’s hearts.

Julie Frikuj
10 months ago

How doth love commence amongst pandemics & sickness?
one needs connection to truly touch
not necessarily physical, but a touch of heart to reach another’s soul
to look within and heal woes…
to get to know another, takes communication, effort, & building trust a must
before lust

10 months ago
Reply to  Julie Frikuj

A poem rising with the dawn of a new world; a shared yearning for what we love.

10 months ago

Really lovely abuh๐Ÿ˜

10 months ago

Our poetry finds us all holding hands across vast spaces. Such is our delight as we share our passionate dance. A waltz, a tango, or a samba; each finds us signatory to each others’ delight. We love when we play; the night beckons…

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