What does petrichor mean in our Webster Dictionary?  Let us take a look at the meaning of Petrichor.

Webster Dictionary Definition-1.  A pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of Petrichor-1.  The wonderful smell of the dew produced when it rains after a long period of time especially in the springtime.

The wonderful smell of the rain after a long period of time is something brings back wonderful memories of childhood.  I remember waking up first thing in the morning after a rain was long overdue and racing out of bed, throwing my clothes on, to get outside as soon as possible.  I could not wait to inhale the sweet petrichor.

However, the best memories I have of this are memories of falling in love, and leaving the person’s house.  I would roll down my car windows just to smell the wonderful smell of it out the windows.  It would remind me of the romantic evening before and the fresh new budding of the relationship.  It would remind me of how new the relation was, and how long it had been since I had this wonderful feeling.

Falling in love, and leaving the house of this new person, and being outside in the fresh morning air reminds me of the similarities of mother nature and a new love.  Mother nature shows examples of love between the birds and the bees and the animals.  We are human beings capable of a love deeper than this.  Petrichor reminds us of this deep love we feel and limerence inside when we first fall in love because like a new love, it happens after a long period of time of dryness within our lives.

Thank you so much for reading about petrichor today!  Have a beautiful and blessed day, and remember:  membership is free for a limited time to daily wisdom words, the most cool interactive website with activities you can take part in so sign up now!

Samantha Leboeuf

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