Our Daily Wisdom Word today is Plateaus.  Plateaus are a part of life and happen after a spurt of energy and success or a flurry of negativity where things finally level off.  The easiest explanation or example of a plateau is when a person begins a diet.  At the beginning of a diet, the first weight to come off is a person’s water weight.  We all retain water weight. We lose this water weight rather quickly.  It is probably the easiest part of a diet to achieve. The part of a diet after losing the initial water weight is when we start to lose actual fat.  The first part of the diet is what we will call an “escalation phase”.  We find it easy as we see with it, “immediate gratification”. 

In our previous post published before this one, “benchmarks”, we talk about breaking up big goals into. smaller goals to take advantage of the power of “immediate gratification”.  However, when we calculate out, for example, one big goal into three smaller ones, we get to take advantage of the “immediate gratification” feeling we crave as beings.  We also choose to reward ourselves when we reach a goal we have set to give us “positive reinforcement”.  Positive reinforcement is another “tool in our toolbox” we can utilize to maximize optimal achievement of our goals. We will go back to our example of the goal we might have to lose weight.  we use “positive reinforcement” or a reward system to have the most optimal chance of success in achieving the goals we set.  What is an example of “positive reinforcement” or immediate gratification?  We will reward ourselves with ten personal training sessions or perhaps a gym membership. This is utilizing the psychological success of any goal we set and maximizes all tools in our toolbox available to us. 

Before we go any further, let’s take a look at the definition of “plateau” in our Webster Dictionary and the Daily Wisdom Word Meaning of Plateau. 

Webster Definition of Plateau-1.  An area of relatively high ground.  2.  A state of little or no change following a period of activity or progress. 

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of Plateau-1. part of the process of achieving a goal, which is the temporary stability of one’s state following an active period of success or correct direction one is going in order to achieve a goal.  (This can also mean, ‘falling off the wagon”  temporarily, but getting right back on schedule towards progress in achieving our goal.  

We will all have plateaus of inactivity or even setbacks on the journey of reaching and achieving success with any goal.  We must be made aware or educated about plateaus during the journey we take towards attaining the success of any goal we set out to achieve because we are human beings, and part of being human means we will make mistakes along the way of going down a path towards succeeding in achieving any goal. Being aware of “plateaus” is yet another tool of success or tool we can load our toolbelt of success with.  

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