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What is positivity and why does it have the power to affect our lives in such an extreme way?  Let us first take a look at positivity in our Webster Dictionary.

Positivity-1.  the practice of being or tendency to be positive or optimistic in attitude.  2.  The presence rather than absence of a certain substance, condition or feature.

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning:  Positivity-1.  The power to think in such a manner that you literally double your abilities and creativity.

As my friend, Sema says, “positivity is the main source of all creativity”.  Positivity can cause you to be more creative, more productive, and have an attitude adjustment leading to extra capability with yourself.  Having a positive attitude is free.  It is a choice we make everyday at how we are going to view any given situation throughout the day.

Positivity has the power to make your day.  Negativity does not.  Positivity can also cause you to be more creative.  You will find you are able to be more productive with your time.  Positive and optimistic people lead themselves by finding encouragement within their soul.  This encouragement also has to do with the power of believing in oneself, and one’s abilities.

Positivity can also shift your perception and perspective with your life.  This is such a powerful Daily Wisdom Word, and I hope you all will soak every bit of this in.  Positivity is routed in believing in something within yourself.

So how do we get this wonderful quality?  We first start with affirmations.  I talk a lot about affirmations in my posts because they work and it is a proven that they work.  If you start a task and you believe you can complete it, some of this belief starts with positivity.  How you create it, is though affirmations.  A perfect affirmation for positivity is “I am a highly resourceful and optimistic person who has the power within to encourage myself and others.”

Affirmations are most powerful when we create them with all of our senses.  This means saying them aloud, reading them after writing them over and over again, (the more you write them down and say them, the more you will find they work.)   Using the above affirmation, writing it down, and saying it, can create the positivity you need to create any task.

All of this doesn’t cost you a dime, and if it makes you a happier person, and more productive, then I have written this correctly and also set an example, because I personally have had great success with affirmations and positivity.

Thank you so much for reading about positivity with me today.  Have a beautiful and blessed day.

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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