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What is realism?  It is simply put, according to the Webster Dictionary, accepting a situation as it is and making the best of it.  How often do you see realism in today’s world?  People try to protect their emotions, and they are not open about them.   We live in a world of obscurity where everyone has their phone to their ears or earbuds in having private conversations.   It used to be when I was growing up in the eighties, that people loved to converse in person.   Then, along came technology which in and of itself is not a bad thing, but other than play an xbox game together, what do you see in technology that creates intimacy?  Do you have the feeling when playing xbox games,  it is creates an intimate setting to establish deep bonds?  I think by now, my readers are certainly getting my point.

I used to think no matter what, there was something special about everyone.  Of course this covered the 90’s up to the millennium, and then things began changing.   I noticed that it was not just movie stars could talk. At this point, there were self-help ads every other commercial. 

I might be able to help others.  I had an infinite amount of content and questions and they were all sincere.  I noticed that people seemed to care more about how they looked in others eyes rather than their own.  This is when I began to realize realism was more precious than ever.  If we have to mold their personalities to fit other another person’s tastes and likes, this is the opposite of realism.  With our friends, if they are true friends, we should be able to be ourselves in every way.  We don’t have to share all of our secrets, but if we would like to see the friendship progress, we naturally will reach a comfort level to begin sharing more about our past, present, and future.  Being real with someone starts the first day you meet them.  Remember the basics.  Simply be yourself, and realism becomes a common word in your vocabulary.  

As I mentioned in the beginning, one of the definitions of “realism” is accepting things as they are. This definition also can be described as us being realistic about our situation.  There is no need to be someone you are not, or pretend to live in an ideal world when it is not one.   If you don’t feel comfortable in your world, you do have control over one thing:   changing yourself.   Realism isn’t as easy to experience around others in today’s world.  Sometimes it is important to remind ourselves that “getting back to the basics” may be necessary for us to remember who we truly are and how we are really living.  thanks so much for reading!

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW


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