Why does it sometimes seem life is full of sadness and loss?  Life, like anything, always involves changes, and sometimes they aren’t positive.  This post will discuss how to cope with sadness.  Sadness is just as much a part of its opposite, happiness.  One of the hardest things to do is to deal with sadness.  However, just as sadness shows its colors, a new horizon is around the corner, if you simply have faith.  Sound too easy to be true?  Try it.  When the doubts that sadness could be this easy to overcome start to creep in, try the steps posted in this article.  Before going any further, let’s take a look at sadness in our Webster Dictionary and our Daily Wisdom Words Definition.

Webster Definition of Sadness-1.  Feeling or showing sorrow;  unhappy.  S.A.D stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Daily Wisdom Words Definition-1.  The feeling of hopelessness.  2.  Feeling morose

Sadness, especially this time of year, happens with all of us.  I suffer with depression, and sadness is part of the feelings you have if you’ve not experienced it.  I must remember when I feel this down, there is always a new sunrise and life does and will change.  Faith, or believing in something bigger than yourself or your immediate circumstances can help you remember sadness is temporary.  

There are certain things you can do when your feeling sad, to bring yourself out of this mood.  Here are just a few of my suggestions.

1.  Remember, just as the tide changes, and darkness turns to day with the day of a new dawn, life changes too.  When you feel sad, remind yourself it is only temporary.  There are two types of sadness.  One is sadness for one’s external circumstances, like being financially challenged or overwhelmed.  This will pass.

2.  Get outside of yourself.  What do I mean when I say this?  When we do things for others, it helps with sadness greatly.  One of the ways it helps, is to remind us there are others less fortunate than ourselves.  

3.  Analyze why you’re feeling sad, and pinpoint its roots.  Is this the kind of sadness that comes with outside forces bringing us down?  Another type of sadness is internal, when we feel down and we don’t know why.  This kind of sadness causes us to have to figure out what is causing us to be sad if there is no external reason.  When we pinpoint the sadness, often it is because we feel alone.  The best way you can feel differently, is to get out and be around others.  It reminds you you’re really not alone.

4.  Remove yourself from the situation causing sadness, if only temporarily.  Sometimes we don’t have that luxury.  We can however, distance ourselves mentally from what is making us so sad.

5.  Believe and have faith there is something in this world, bigger than yourself.  You did not get here alone, and never are. Our creator, (I call him God), loves you and is always watching over you.  If you don’t believe this, try praying to strengthen your belief in this .  You may not feel anything the first few times, but eventually, I believe we feel God, who is always with us.  

This time of year, the holiday’s serves to remind us we feel lonely.  Get into the holiday spirit to get through.  Plan to serve others for the holidays.  You will find, getting outside your own head will help you feel better.  There are certain types of sadness, a deeper form of it, which is depression.  

If you’ve recently lost someone close to you, remember that sadness is normal.  Let yourself be sad and grieve.  It is just as much a part of life as happiness. Read posts or articles to help you deal with your loss.  If it is more than just sadness, get professional help.  Many people have gone on antidepressants for six months, and slowly been removed off of them.  This has proven effective if depression or sadness is part of an overall mood-set.  

Thanks for reading about Sadness with us today at daily wisdom words.  Just a reminder, for $5, a 50% discount off of our normal lifetime membership fee, gets you a membership into the writing community and offers to provide support in two ways.  You won’t feel so alone, and you qualify for our free counseling if you’re a member of DWW.  Although Neel and myself aren’t licensed counselors, we are both Mental Health Advocates and are always here to listen.  

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW


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