The only way to save a dream is to save money.

Abuh Monday Eneojo

You may have seen this picture displayed in our various social media platforms but you may not have heard of the aforementioned quote. Not in this way. Just so you know the feeling is mutual.

It came to me after a long nap and sharp thoughts of what to do today on Daily Wisdom Words Picture Poetry Prompt. The featured illustrates the essence of saving up money to attain or achieve a dream. Truth be told, the only way to save a dream is to save money. It may take an eon- I’m just exaggerating- to get what you need but you sure will get it if you persevere.

This is Daily Wisdom Words Picture Poetry Prompt. You are highly welcome. I amΒ Abuh Monday Eneojo. I will be your host. Feel free to join this writing exercise. It helps.

  • See picture
  • Compose a poem inspired by picture with words in title, save and dream.
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pd_adams (@guest_9532)
21 days ago


Greenspot growled my brain
Tho I knew it was not to blame
It heard my footsteps in the rain

Cupidity shot arrows when
missed me narrow & then
instead, hit gluttony men

Ugwumps we do fight
Scanty clothes to write
Haunted from above
Undaunted as love


Catherine (@guest_9531)
21 days ago

I write and write
To publish is a dream
I save and save
A money chasing scheme
Bills are due, time for rent
To publish a book
My money is all spent.
I save some more
In hopes to invest
My skills to write
I try only my best.

Catherine (@catherine)
21 days ago

Thank you Abuh πŸ’žπŸ’ž

Julie Frikuj (@guest_9528)
21 days ago

Once upon a dream aspirations to achieve can seem to never catch up tis enough ta make one scream money schemes; try this to get money fast work from home save some gas always a catch so it seems; a hidden agenda for a bogus investment always beware, of scammers out there question everything; don’t be fool to those who aren’t fair try hard, with all thy might; even tho it seems to be an impossible plight never give up finding something legit; have faith don’t quit follow your dreams sometimes without pay find purpose, keep trying; find a way… Read more »

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