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Often times, we find ourselves looking at the similarities or differences with others.  When we focus on the similarities with all of the people in this world, by making an effort, we will find we are all very much the same.  We have a choice in life:  we can focus on each other’s similarities or can focus on our differences.  When we focus on our similarities, we find we are able to identify with others, despite their religious beliefs, their color, and creed.  If we focus on their differences, this, in itself, alienates them from us.  Before I go any further, we will look at the Webster Dictionary Meaning and Daily Wisdom Words meaning of similarities.

Webster definition of similarities   1.  the state or fact of being similar.  2.  A similar feature or aspect.

Daily Wisdom Words meaning-things about ourselves we have in common with other people.

Right now, we are more divided in the world than we ever have been.  We are much more divided in the USA than in history.  What happens when we focus on our differences is groups like the White Supremacists become more popular.  This is just one example of focusing on differences.  In this case, this group focuses on the color of one’s skin.  Hitler did this by focusing on the differences in Jewish People.  Thinking about this, I prefer to focus on our similarities as human beings.   There is a much bigger picture here, I find groups like this have not focused on.  This fact is that these types of groups did NOT create this world.  God did.  God also created all of mankind, despite their beliefs or preferences.

One very important thing happens when we focus on other’s differences rather than similarities.  We find we begin JUDGING these individuals for not being more like ourselves.  Another interesting thing happens on the opposite end of the spectrum:  we find ourselves measuring our own inadequacies with other individuals.  This leads down a path of negativity as well.  It leads to envy, jealousy, isolation and less self-esteem.  A popular saying is this:  “don’t throw rocks at glasshouses.  You may find your own windows broken”.  This is not the exact saying, but I have captured the point of this quote.

The only way we can live in a world that is peaceful is by focusing on other’s similarities rather than differences.  We all need food and water.  We are all human beings in spite of what we personally believe in.  Stay away from judging others.  You just might find other’s judging you.  If we focus on similarities, we will flourish in this world.  It is okay if someone does not agree with your politics.  God gave everyone the right to having an opinion.  The key to survival for all of us on this planet is so simple.  Focus on love, rather than hate.  Help each other, and focus on your similarities rather than differences, and we just might find we are all more happy and compatible if we do these simple things.

Thanks so much for reading about similarities today.  God bless all of you.  Have a beautiful and blessed day.

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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