What does spite mean and  what role should it play in our lives if any?

Spite, according to the Webster Dictionary means–1.  A desire to hurt, annoy or offend someone.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition–Spite–1.  for no good reason, irritating someone to the best of someone’s ability.

Spite can come in many different forms including just deliberately setting out and enjoying annoying someone for no reason.  Spite starts as a minor irritability with someone but that is not the general reason why it starts.  Underlying  in the individual, in a  constant feeling of unhappiness with themselves.

These types of people that feel spite for no reason, try to irritate other individuals.  They feel unhappy inside themselves with their own situations, and they take it out on other individuals.  There tends to be something about the person subconsciously reminds them of a quality they don’t care for in themselves.

These individuals are not happy with themselves.  Otherwise, there would not be time to take the time to plan out irritating deeds for another individual.  That is what spite is.  Vengeful acts for no reason done to annoy or offend someone.

The best example of spite in my life I can think of happened with my next door neighbor when I was a child.  We had a next door neighbor that was a few years older than me. She deliberately would break into our house, steal my saved up money, threaten to beat me up, do unkind things, yet she pretended also to be my friend.  What kind of friend is that?  That is spite.

Our neighbors around the block did not care for us either.  Another example of spite was them toilet papering our house, throwing eggs at it, harmless things, which spite tends to be on the outside looking in, but things that created an annoyed feeling on my parents behalf.

Spite can be dangerous.  Take a look at the tariffs being placed from us on other countries.  What did the other countries do?  Simply because we placed tariffs on them, they taxed us for the things that we were getting from them, just as we had done.  Trump started a war, whether he meant to or not.

Spite is not productive and can lead to lasting effects of ill will.

Thank you for reading about spite today and may your day be blessed and happy.



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