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What is subjugation and how does it, if at all, apply to our lives?  Let us first take a look at the definition of subjugation.

Definition of Subjugation-The action of bringing someone or something under control.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition-the act of trying to control or manipulate another person within any form of relationship.

Subjugation is about control.  Have you ever been in a relationship or known someone that was who was being controlled or abused?  The word subjugation is usually a part of this.  It takes time to groom a person into subjugation but it usually happens to people who’s self-esteem may be low.  Remember, it takes giving up your ability to make your own decisions for subjugation to take place.

Subjugation is really about abuse when it applies to another person.  A person capable of subjugation is usually controlling and dominant.  Slowly one’s freedom is taken away from them.

I had a friend who was being mentally abused.  Her decisions to do everyday things such as see her family, were under her partner’s control and I found it so sad.  She would say, “Rick said I couldn’t meet you for lunch today, Samantha”.  I would ask her what “Rick” as we will call him, had anything to do with her going to lunch with me.  She would tell me she was fearful to make her own decisions.  I was amazed as the way he had slowly groomed her to lose control of her own decision making process, and that she actually felt she had to get permission to go to lunch with me.

I later found out subjugation had affected other parts of her life.  They had two children, and in order to make basic everyday decisions, she was unable to do so.   She would go to him out of habit at this point, and ask him what to do.  She no longer had faith in her own decision making capacity.

Never allow yourself to be controlled by another person or party of people such as cults.  If you find yourself losing your way while making decisions, get out of the relationship as fast as your able to and that, is up to you.

Thank you for reading about subjugation today.  Have a beautiful and blessed day.

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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