Sometimes  ‘Surrendering” is the only answer there is to Conquer ones problem.

I believe our perspective on things in life, are about a choice.” and what that “perspective is, is

not always, what it should be.

For example, we not consciously, “surrender” will and choices to what I call, “the default mode”.

What do I mean when I say, default mode?  I think we have the ability to “program our thoughts into a specific direction.  This is called, the “proactive mode”,  We are making positive changes in our life, and there are specific goals we are trying to achieve.  We know we must “surrender” our will
and choices to change what we are doing, and do it.

Most people, live in the “default mode”.  Nothing wrong with that, but usually, this is a period in our life when we are not growing. We have “surrendered ourselves to our surrounding environment.We also think, that we have “control over our lives to some extent.
We also believe that our “will power” alone, will be enough to make the necessary changes with our weaknesses and other poor behavior,.

What am I leading up to?  Addictions!  When we are NOT strong enough to “change our behavior”, we give in to the VERY thing, we know in our hearts, is not what we should be doing.  This mode is called, “the Helpless mode”.  Sadly, this leads to dishonesty first, with ourselves along with justification
When we are addicted to a substance like drugs, alcohol, food, shoplifting, ETC., we are NOT in control of our behavior.  If we were, we would NOT be addicted to WHATEVER IT IS, causing us to lose “control” over our lives. ( I now have personally “witnessed” through people very close to my heart),  do a 360 degree change, in their”helpless mode”, while trying to convince themselves they don’t have a problem.  Whatever this “addiction is”, it begins with “surrendering” to the feeling we have when we act on our addiction”.

Usually, we think it is sheer “WILL POWER” we will use to make that change, telling ourselves “every time” it will be the very Last time, We are going to “SURRENDER” to this addiction”., Sadly, every single time, we end up, “repeating” the same behavior over and over.

  Believe me, I have had rough patches in my own life in which I was “addicted to alcohol” so I don’t pass judgement over others, because I know what it is like to be “out of control” with something, even, behavior patterns, we keep repeating, over and over, (this is insanity,(thinking we can do something over and over again, and, eventually, it will produce different results).

When we hit “bottom”, and we all do, eventually, and wake up to the collateral damage this addiction
has cost us, (family, friendships, one’s career,) the hurt and pain associated with this is unbearable.

Do you know, it is thought that IF, “our will power” is STRONG ENOUGH, we can do anything? This, by the way, is the same, “WILL POWER” that has not been capable of saying NO, to the addiction, but we delay our recovery, in our BELIEF SYSTEM, because contrary to popular BEL, The will TO CHANGE our addiction, into a manageable  make the decision to stop our addiction?  Is this the case?

It is “SURRENDER” that leads us down the right path.  Accepting we do not have control of our addiction, is the first step to freedom from it!

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Samantha LeBoeuf (@guest_31)
6 years ago

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Samantha LeBoeuf (@guest_30)
6 years ago

addiction is deadly. Please pass along to another, if you feel it would help…

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