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What does it mean to exhibit thanklessness?  Having an attitude of gratitude can make your life much happier.  Being thankless is just the opposite.   Before we go any further, let us take a look at what thankless means in our Webster Dictionary.

Thanklessness-difficult or unpleasant and not likely to bring one pleasure or appreciation of others.  2 . not expressing or feeling gratitude

Daily Wisdom Words Definition of thanklessness-unable to appreciate or show gratitude for all the things in life one should be grateful for, including life itself.

Being thankless cheats us.  When we feel sorry for ourselves, more often than not, it puts us in a place that is darker than where we were at before.  Happiness can truly be found in having an “attitude of gratitude” and making a gratitude list of all the things your grateful for daily can help you get there.

Being thankless comes from taking for granted those positive things in life, given, even life itself.  Sometimes, it is important in life to simply step outside and smell the air that we breathe and be thankful we can breathe it in.  That is part of being healthy which is another thing to be grateful for for.

I have been through an experience recently, where I have given and given to another, my time, my resources, and energy and had it all taken for granted.  When we are generous with others, ideally we should do it without expectations.  Otherwise, we get hurt when those expectations aren’t met.  We should be careful not to give to much of ourselves on wasted causes.  There are too many things out there to give to that could really use our help.

Being thankless, leads us away from all the good we can do in this world and the wonderful feeling we do get when doing these things.   It is very important for our soul to give back to others and to important causes we believe in, especially when we have been blessed with more than our neighbor.

When we begin to be thankless, we start a journey down a never ending descension into darkness.  Be thankful for today, and the moment your in.  You will never get that moment back, and there are no do overs in life.

Thanks so much for reading about being thankless today.  When your finished reading this article, please scroll down beneath it, and leave a comment, poem or quote in the “join the discussion” box.  This would be greatly appreciated!

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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