What is vengeance?  According to our Webster Dictionary, vengeance means:

Vengeance-1.  Punishment inflicted or retribution exacted for an injury or wrong

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning of Vengeance:  Payback for a bad debt when someone has mistreated you or someone you care about.  2.  The cycle of bad that happens from another party when you’ve done something wrong to them.

What causes vengeance from others and us to want to inflict vengeance onto others?  It almost always starts from anger at another party for wrongdoing.  Vengeance is usually payback in some for for this wrongdoing.  Vengeance is our way of evening out the playing field when we feel we’ve been wronged.  We want to pay back someone who has mistreated us, and we feel this is rightfully so.

The sad part about vengeance?  Paying someone back for something bad they have done, may make us feel better for a short time, but after that feeling, most of us will usually end up feeling guilty for this, and wishing harm unto another.  We realize that karma takes care of itself, and we don’t have to intercede by causing harm to come to another when we are thinking clearly and not out of anger.

We realize that karma, a part of life will even out the playing field, and it is not necessary for us to intercede.  Life works this way sadly enough.  Generally, when we wrong another, payback is just around the corner and we don’t have to step in at all to make things right.  Fate settles its own score.  The ball game of life usually ends up having the winner be the one who treats each other well.

Karma is sad from the standpoint that someone gets hurt, but at least your not the responsible party causing it.  That is what vengeance is:  Us taking fate into our own hands and correcting what is wrong.  There will eventually be the payback that comes in the universe I believe that balances everything out so that everything is fair and level, so remember that when your the one who is mistreating another.  You won’t get off scot free, because karma will eventually catch up to you.

We feel like we are the ones that should set things right, but karma takes care of that in the long run and the universe carries its own balancing act.  Thanks so much for reading about Vengeance today and may God give you a beautiful and serinic life.

Have a beautiful and blessed day.

Saantha LeBoeuf/DWW

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