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What does vindication mean and how do we apply it in our everyday lives?  Let us first take a look at the meaning of vindication in our Webster dictionary.

Vindication-1.  The action of clearing someone of blame or suspicion.  2.  proof that someone or something is right, reasonable or justified.

Daily Wisdom Word definition-1.  The universal balance that happens when something or someone has been treated unfairly.

There are many examples of vindication and I firmly believe that vindication eventually occurs for all of us.  Things in this world are not fair, at the beginning of many junctures.  However, just because they are not fair in the beginning does not mean things don’t balance out in the end.

Vindication is about what is ultimately fair and often seen in the legal system in the Court of Appeals.  There have been many people that have been unfairly convicted of crimes they did not commit, and although vindication when a verdict comes down that is wrong, does not take place immediately, it does ultimately take place in the court of appeals.

I can’t help but think of the case of Oranthal James Simpson.  He got off with what everyone thought should have been a guilty verdict because he had the money to pay for a good defence.  However, years later, he has memorabilia that is being sold without his consent in Las Vegas.  He finds out about it, and sets up a plan with some other men to get his items back.  He breaks into the room where his stuff is being stored.  He gets caught and serves ten years I believe, in the Federal Penitentiary system.

You can at least see his side of the story in this case whereas so many years prior it is hard to understand why he would get off scot free with the alleged murder of his wife.  It does appear many years later his subsequent case had some merit on his side since the memorabilia truly was his, that vindication ultimately happen.

Daily Wisdom Words is written on my opinions and those alone.  My whole point in this post, is not only the meaning of vindication, but that even if it doesn’t happen immediately, it does seem that the universe and life balances things out in the end and vindication is ultimately served as a sort of balancing act takes place over time.

Thank you for reading about vindication today.  I hope I not only explained vindication but that although it may not take place immediately, most of the time it does ultimately take place.

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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