Why it did not work

Consistency makes for permanence

Abuh Monday Eneojo

I remember when the writing angel knocked on my door. I was quite young and all I did was to support my short stories with pictures and show it to my father who was always ready to read it but at some point I knew he was just trying to encourage me by reading it.

I never stopped writing. It continued and I’m still writing. If I should go back in time so as to bring back manuscripts of my adventurous short stories and then place them together with the present, you would see clearly the difference.

Before I continue, I’d like to define the term CONSISTENCY. Consistency is repetition overtime. That’s how I see it.

You see, oftentimes people wonder why they’re not good at some certain things in life and why things doesn’t work out for them. They beat the Earth in anger and ask questions. They never realized that retrogression or lack of result becomes solid ice from Antarctica because consistency was lacking.

It is not starting a thing that makes it a thing. It is constantly putting to practice that thing. I’ll explain this with a real life story.

A long time ago, about five years ago, no body in my town could defeat me in table tennis. I was that good in the game but I dropped the bat and Bam I lost the art because there was no consistency to push it to permanence. I pick up the bat about three weeks ago and to my surprise I could not even perform a simple serve.

If you must be successful in whatever you’re doing right now, you must be consistent with it. The survival of that art depends on consistency. Don’t stop doing it.

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Stay Safe.


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