DWW Music Prompt

Morning Sun by Coren Hart

Morning Sun by Coren Hart

This is the right stop if your muse is nature. We get to talk about the morning sun, one fine element that has birthed many beautiful things on planet earth. I’m well aware of the vitamins the morning sun comes with but that’s not really what we get to talk about.

Welcome to Daily Wisdom Words Music Prompt. Today, we write after listening to Morning sun by Coren Hart. Take your time. Let it come to you.

  • Listen to song
  • Compose a poem inspired by song
  • Share with us

It is that simple. Wanna join us?


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Michelle (@guest_9580)
29 days ago

Inexpressible my heart
strolls through
a gust of wind
felicitous love
wildly exotic blossoms
seduced through verses
in tidal whispers
with the first sign
of seasoned clouds
the stillness of
my eyes aroused
minutely smiles
beckoning the morning sun.


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