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DWW Picture Poetry/Hurricane ( two words) 1. water. 2. sun

DWW Picture Poetry/Hurricane          ( two words)  1.  water. 2.  sun

Hi All,

Using the picture provided,  and the two words, 1.  Water   2. Sun    for inspiration, Write a Beautiful poem with the two words provided used in its context.  Please post your poem on the website page, dailywisdomwords.com/picture-poetry!  On the web page, please write your poem in the area provided.   When your finished, please click the big buttons to tweet your poem and post it on our daily wisdom words page on facebook!


Have fun!

DWW Writing Team

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Michelle (@michelle)
9 months ago

Meet me by the water stream upon
the solitary confessions of dreams

Meet me where love grows
in acceptance of hurt

Meet me where hearts beat sweet
Quenching the sultry heat of life

Meet me as the sun shines
hypnotized in smiles.

Shirley Satterfield (@guest_7300)
9 months ago

Water like lace
Frames a setting sun.
Marking time when day is done.

Glorious light meets an open eye
About to close in deep repose.
Day is done, I suppose.

Good night.

Shirley Satterfield (@shirleymandelsatterfield)
11 months ago

Samantha, this is the most stunning photograph I have ever seen. I just have to drink this one in.

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