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Hopelessness is a feeling that is usually part of a bigger problem.  There is today a feeling of hopelessness for many of us.  Life is out of our control.  We feel hopeless when we are out of control of a relationship, a financial situation or a health issue.  This leads us to what is happening now;  a situation where a virus is out of control. We have people that are in charge of the major decisions with Covid-19.  There are 50 different governors, one for each state, and counties also have governors.  We also have a president encouraging us to get the United States back to a “normal state” again.  

What is the definition of hopelessness?  

Webster Dictionary Definition-1.  a feeling of despair 2.  a loss of hope

Daily Wisdom Word Definition-Hopelessness-A feeling of loss of control over one’s life.  

Hopelessness and despair accompany depression very often.  When your in your home, and have a low immune system like myself, it matters a lot to be at home too much.  I am a homebody to begin with but do like to get out a few times a week.  Many states are lifting the stay at home orders so it is supposedly okay to go out?  What I don’t understand, is why we are not following the guidelines for opening states.  I live in Colorado.  The Centers for disease control’s number one recommendation is that there is a bell curve.  The first rule say’s the state should have 12 days of leveling off or no new cases of this Coronavirus.  Colorado only had three or four days and there were new cases but they were declining.

It is clear to me that we will not be returning to normalcy for a very long time.  life is going to change and these kinds of changes until they are implemented bring hopelessness because we feel a lack of control.   We are being told that we must stay six feet apart.  There is also future changes that we will have to let play out.   If one human doesn’t do his job, someone may get this virus due to germs left behind. 

I will share with you what I tell myself.  Change is a part of life.  Just as there are bad times, with over a million deaths in the USA alone, there will be good times again.  Thanks so much for reading about hopelessness today.  

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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